The counselling of a student is vital; hence it should be based on
scientific tools & techniques. Our counselling is based on Psychometric
& cognitive tests followed by a student-psychologist interaction which
enables both the parties to come to a genuine conclusion rather than
just a guesswork. The agenda of the counselling session is to find out a
course or career for the student which best suits her/his personality &
Once the student’s potential is scaled up, we suggest her/him relevant
undergraduate/postgraduate courses. The syllabus of the course & the
list of colleges is shared with the student & parents. We suggest our
students the prerequisites which she/he should ensure for successful
entry into the premiere colleges.

How We Help to Students

The students are left confused with no option to choose a stream of their choice but suggested by the peer group. Understanding the need & empathising with the student’s group we came up with an idea to align the students with their natural skills & interests rather than leaving them to become a prey of stereotypical trends.

Imparting education is necessary but the utmost important is to encourage the students to become not only employable but to become a centre of employment generation.

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